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The Doggie Cottage LLC | Why should your Pet Resort to anything less | Gray and Scarborough Maine
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The Doggie Cottage LLC | Why should your Pet Resort to anything less | Gray and Scarborough Maine
Angie's List
  1. What vet records do you require for my dog to attend your facility?
    Your pet will be required to have kennel cough, rabies and distemper.  Monthly flea and tick medication must be applied by owner year round.

  2. Do you have rooms to accommodate multi-family pets?
    Yes!  We have rooms for more than one pet plus individual rooms.  We also offer cage-less boarding in our living room or your pet can stay at the on-site managers house.

  3. Do you have someone who lives on the property?
    Both locations have an on-site manager for 24/7 access and security to the facility.

  4. When you close, does my pet stay in until you open the next day?
    We provide a “bed-buddy” late night service for all our boarding guests.  All pets go out for one final potty break before tucking them in for the night.  The pets will listen to soft music to help them go to sleep and have a great nights rest.

  5. Do you have any breed restrictions?
    We believe every pet should have the ability to play, socialize and have fun being a dog.  We do require every pet to attend an interview process.  The interview helps us determine if your pet will do well in an off leash environment and with a pack.

  6. How old should my pet be to attend daycare or boarding?
    We will be happy to accept dogs from 10 weeks and older.

  7. Do I bring my pets food and bedding when boarding?
    If your pet is on a special diet or food they are used too, we suggest you bring it with you so your pet remains on the same food routine as home.  We do provide food if your pet does not have a sensitive stomach.  If your pet has a special bed or blanket they sleep with you are welcome to bring it with you.  Especially if your  pet will be in one of our private rooms.  This will help them relax with a familiar smell from home.  If your pet is boarding in our living room, we cannot guarantee your bedding will come back in the same condition as other pets share this space at night.

  8. How long does my pet play outside?
    Your pet will be able to play 6-8 hours per day in our spacious yards.   This will give them plenty of socialization time with the pack.

  9. What services do you offer at the Doggie Cottage?
    We offer daycare, boarding and grooming for your pet.  A one stop enjoyable experience!

  10. Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered to attend the Doggie Cottage?
    We accept non spayed and neutered pets at the Doggie Cottage.  As long as your pet is not in heat and they do well in our interview process all dogs are accepted!

Mission Statement
Our Goal is to provide the best customer services and highest quality pet care in the industry.

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